Q: How do I earn rewards?

A: It's simple: Just identify yourself as a Rack Room Rewards member whenever you make a purchase. Every $1 you spend in our stores counts toward your qualifying total, including clearance items and accessories, with the exception of the purchase of Rack Room gift cards. Once you reach 200 qualifying dollars in spending, you get a $15 reward to use in our stores, no strings attached!

Q: Can I Combine My Rewards With BOGO?

A: Yes! You can combine rewards with BOGO for maximum savings.

Q: What Are The Perks Of Being A Member?

A: 1) A Brithday coupon for you (if you give us your information), 2) Bonus buck opportunities, 3) member only offers, discounts and coupons, and 4) surprise offers via email or at checkout

How do I get my rewards?

For your convenience, rewards are delivered to your mobile phone via text message or to your email inbox, depending on your communication preferences, which you can set up via your member profile.

Can I choose to get my rewards by mail?

Sorry, but no. Since this is an eco-friendly, email and mobile-based program, all rewards are paperless.

How long will it take to receive my rewards?

You should receive your rewards by email or text message almost immediately after you earn them!

Why am I not receiving my rewards?

First, be sure we have the correct email address and/or mobile phone number on your account. If that’s correct, check to see if your Rack Room Rewards messages are going into your email spam folder. If everything looks right, call Customer Service at 800-306-9309.

Can you reissue my lost/expired reward?

Sorry, we don’t reissue rewards.

Do rewards ever expire?

Your $15 reward is valid for three months (90 days) from the date it’s issued.

If I return my purchase, do I get my rewards back?

Sorry, but no. Once you have used a reward, the system won’t let it be used again, nor can it be reissued.

How do I know how close I am toward reaching a reward?

You can check your balance anytime by checking your most recent receipt or signing in to your Rewards account. You can also call Customer Service at 800-306-9309 or ask an Associate in store.

I think there’s an error in my qualifying balance. Who do I talk to?

Please call Customer Service at 800-306-9309.

I forgot to tell the cashier I was a member the last time I made a purchase. Can I still add those qualifying purchases to my total?

Yes. Simply call Customer Service at 800-306-9309 and have your receipt handy. Please wait at least 24 hours after the purchase before calling, so the transaction information has time to show up in our system.

Can I transfer my qualifying purchases to another person’s account?

Sorry, but no. Rewards are non transferable.

Do my qualifying purchases ever expire?

Qualifying purchases will expire one year after the date they’re made.

Why didn't I get my birthday offer this year?

Check your profile to make sure you provided us with your birthdate. You'll need to provide us your birthday month seven days prior to your actual birthday month in order to ensure you'll receive your offer.

What is my Rack Room Rewards account number?

Since everything is tracked by your email address or mobile phone number, that’s all you need!

I have more than one account in my name. Can you combine them?

Absolutely. Just call Customer Service at 800-306-9309.

Can I combine my account with my mother’s? How about my husband’s?

Sorry, but we can’t combine accounts from separate individuals.

Can my child have his or her own account?

Yes, as long as your child is at least 13 years old.

How often will you email or text me?

Typically, you should receive no more than one email or text message each week. However, you may occasionally receive additional communications, such as your reward delivery or follow-up messages based on a purchase or other activity.

How do I change my communication preferences, email address or mobile phone number?

To make sure you stay in the loop on special offers, events and new styles, all members will receive some emails from Rack Room Rewards and occasionally from Rack Room Shoes. However, you can choose to receive your rewards and rewards-related updates (like reminders when a reward is about to expire) via text messaging for the fastest, easiest access. To update your preferences, email address or mobile phone number, simply sign in to your account.

How do I stop receiving text messages from Rack Room Rewards?

Simply text STOP JOIN to 77550. (If you opted to receive our non-loyalty related texts, you will still receive those.)

I don’t want to get email or text messages anymore from the program. How do I change that?

To make sure you get the most out of your Rack Room Rewards membership, you do need to opt in to receiving emails. If you opt out of receive emails, you will be opting out of the Rack Room Rewards program. To do that, call Customer Service at 800-306-9309. However, you can choose to receive the following specific rewards-related alerts by either email or text message: when you have earned a reward, are close to earning a reward or have a reward that will soon expire. To update your preferences, email address or mobile phone number, simply log on to the your account.

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